『Long Walk』Soya – Short Interview

1月25日より、フォトグラファーでありペインターのSoya(松阳) さんによる展示「Long Walk」が、KOHIMOTOオンラインギャラリーにて始まります。
Soyaさんが自身の生きてきた過程でどのように写真を捉え、絵を描いているのか、また今回展示させていただく作品「Long Walk」のタイトルの由来にも触れられています。


Short Interview

K: You look like a photographer. Is your paint based on your photos?
Soya:Yes but not limited by them.
I prefer to consider my photos to be the trigger of my paintings. I’ve been moved to different places since I grow up, different areas in the city and different countries on Earth. I always wonder how the world we are living in being constructed during my unsettled life. I want to know what shapes me and which part of the world I am involving? I guess the moment that I’m physically “being there” is the key that I’m involving the presence. When I check the photos I took, when I hold the film or look at the screen, the photos are not only a symbol of memories but also a key fact that I have been to that place physically.

“I was there, behind the camera, observing the scene through my lens.”

With these presuppositions, I trace the feeling, atmosphere, temperature, scent, and many other complexities through my photos when I paint. That’s also why I name this series long walk while I try to express my nostalgia to my past life steps.


この事実を前提に、写真を通して、感情、雰囲気、温度、香り、その他多くの複雑性を辿りながら絵を描いていきます。このシリーズをlong walkと名付けたのもこうした理由からであり、long walkは同時に、これまで私が歩んできた過去を懐かしむ気持ちを表現しようとしています。

K: I feel that the shadow of a person is characteristic. What do you represent in the shadow of a person?
Soya:It is a melancholic character and I think it is more like a metaphor of drifting. I love discovering different places, not only when I’m travelling, but also the city I’m living in. I could always find some surprises in the circumstance that I’m familiar with. I think the shadow of a person is my self-reflection.